• People


    We treat each member of the SAWA group  with respect and equality, This translate into our recruitment process, our training and development of existing employees, and the way which we recognize and reward outstanding performers.

  • Community


    We support our community by offering products and services of the highest quality. We understand the importance of excellent customer services, and work hard to ensure we provide this, to our clients and end users.

  • Partners


    Our beliefs in honesty and integrity enable us to build a transparent relationships with our partners. We offer them full support so that together, we can achieve benefits to our fullest potential.

  • RISK Management

    RISK Management

    Unlike many other Pharmaceuticals Distributors, we operate in Hot Zone areas, where there is often high risk of conflict, this alone , validates SAWA’s absolute devotion, and experience in managing non- conventional demands, and circumstances.

  • Quality


    striving to achieve the highest possible standards in the quality of outcomes with all our stakeholders.