Pharmacovigilance Center
The primary function of the is

• collecting, evaluating, and reporting adverse drug reactions and other safety-related information to regulatory authorities

• risk management activities, such as developing and implementing risk minimisation strategies to ensure the safe use of medications.

• conducts post-marketing surveillance studies and communicates safety information to healthcare professionals and the public

Our Main objective is to ensure the ongoing safety of pharmaceutical products and protect public health.

SAWA Pharmacovigilance Center


Location: SAWA group office, Baghdad, Iraq


PV contact details (24/7)


PV Department safety Responsible:

Pharmacist Marwan Fadel (BSc)


PV Department safety Responsible Back-up:

Pharmacist Mohammed Muzahem (BSc)


Administrative PV Assistant:

Ms. Ula Khairi Ibrahim (BSc. Acco)